Service Details

Included images

Included are interior and exterior photos of the property, also facility photos that are part of the property’s HOA and within a short distance, such as parking structure, pool, playground, gym, tennis court etc.

Please communicate these before the shoot and ensure access to the facilities.

Bay Estate Images might not be able to do photos of facilities that are occupied at the time (e.g. gym, pool).

Not included are off-site locations, e.g. parks, trails, golf courses, schools, businesses or local landmarks.

See ‘Extra charges’ for off-site costs.


Bay Estate Images will provide digital image files in .jpeg format for download (e.g. Dropbox). These files come in two resolutions: “MLS size” (750×500 pixels, <100 kilobyte) and “high resolution” (4500×3000 pixels, a few of the high resolution files might be smaller due to cropping).

Please download all image/video files within 30 days. Bay Estate Images does not guarantee backup beyond that time.


The video will be delivered through Dropbox download as .MP4 file. It will be either HD (1280p) or FHD (1920p) with 30 fps. A smaller version for better upload times can be rendered if desired.

If embedding is desired the video can be uploaded to Youtube or Vimeo on Bay Estate Images’ channel(s). By doing so the video will be visible to the public.

Editing requests by the client are limited to intro screen and/or end screen agent info (e.g. “Presented by”). The design and content of the video is otherwise at the discretion of Bay Estate Images.

Matterport 3D Tour

The 3D Tour is processed by Matterport, Bay Estate Images does not have an influence on the processing time or the final image quality. Processing times stated by Matterport are 1 business day for the 3D Tour and 2 business days for schematic floor plans (floor plans can be ordered once the 3D Tour is processed).

The pricing includes a hosting time of at least 3 months for each 3D Tour. The hosting time can be extended for an additional charge, otherwise the 3D Tour will be deleted after no less than 3 months without further notice.

Turnaround time

Time from the end of the photo shoot until photo delivery through download link is usually 24 hours.
Larger property shoots with more than 30 images might take up to 48 hours.

Turnaround time for real estate videos is 48 hours.

Turnaround time for Matterport 3D Tours is usually 24 hours. Please note that: once the 3D Tour is uploaded to the Matterport server, Bay Estate Images has no influence on the processing time.

See ‘Extra charges’ for rush delivery costs.


Bay Estate Images grants a non-exclusive, royalty-free license for clients to use the images in their real estate business.
That license is not granted to third parties, e.g. HOAs, real estate developers or interior designers.


Cancellations are free if made at least 2 hours before the scheduled start of the shoot.

Fail to communicate cancellation, cancellations less than 2 hours before the scheduled start, or fail to provide access to the property will result in a $75 to $125 travel charge, depending on location and wait time.

Time Limit

Bay Estate Images allocates a certain amount of time for the shoot. For interior photos the time limit is 90 minutes (properties 3,000 sqft or smaller) or 120 minutes (properties over 3,000 sqft). If the photographer has to wait for the property to get ready (e.g. because of cleaning, staging or items being moved), there will be a wait time surcharge of $1 per minute exceeding the time limit.

Aerial Photos

The aerial photo can be either made with a quadcopter/drone (default) or with a 24 foot high pole.

The aerial photo might not be possible due to weather or location. E.g. a drone cannot be operated in no fly zones, near airports, federal facilities, downtown areas, large buildings etc. Find a map with no fly zones here: Link

A pole photo can not be obtained in rain or during heavy winds.


If possible please reschedule if the weather situation is rain, fog or heavy overcast. Exterior photos with overcast sky are possible but colors will be rather dull.

There will be a charge for a separate return trip to retake exterior photos due to weather conditions.

See ‘Extra charges’ for Exterior only photos.

Preparation and staging

Please prepare the exterior and interior of the property for the shoot as much as possible and desired.

Bay Estate Images is not responsible for and will not do staging, cleaning, landscaping or moving of heavy items or larger amounts of items.

Please note that it is also often not possible to “Photoshop” problematic areas and it will result in an extra charge if requested and reasonably possible.


Image editing includes color, lighting and contrast adjustments.

It does not include extensive editing e.g. digital removal/replacement of objects, repairing defective light bulbs, patching up defective walls/floors/ceilings, editing of landscaping.

See ‘Extra charges’ for editing costs.

Extra charges

Rush delivery (same day until 6 pm, need to communicate when booking appointment): +$125

Exterior photos only: $100 to $150, depending on location

Off-site photos (depending on distance and scope of work): from $25 to $150 per location

Extra editing work (depending on scope of work): from $10 to $50 per photo

Weekend appointments: +100%

Twilight shoot: $300