For best results, find below some guidelines on how to prepare your property for real estate photography.

Please finish all desired landscaping, cleaning and staging before the scheduled photo shoot.
Unfortunately I won’t have time to wait at the home until the cleaning and de-cluttering is finished.

Exterior preparation checklist

  • Remove cars and trash bins from driveway
  • Remove or neatly coil up water hoses
  • Remove any bikes, empty planters or other clutter
  • Finish landscaping, mulch, mow lawn
  • Remove cobwebs, broom leaves etc.
  • Clean up pool if applicable, remove pool cleaner
  • Tidy up patio furniture, make sure cushions are clean and neat
  • If possible pressure wash walkways etc, allow enough time to dry

Interior preparation checklist

  • Remove all clutter and personal items, less is more
  • Remove area rugs
  • Remove small appliances, food etc from kitchen counters
  • Remove personal photos
  • Remove shampoo bottles, razors, toothbrushes etc
  • Remove all pet related items
  • Make beds, tidy up couch cushions
  • Remove items from under beds and on top of cabinets etc
  • Clear out or tidy up large walk-in closets if you want them in the photos
  • Clear out or tidy up the garage if you want it in the photos
  • Replace all broken light bulbs, ideally with the same color temperature
  • Clean windows
  • Clean all surfaces, including refrigerator and dishwasher front
  • Turn ceiling fans off
  • Turn TVs and computer screens off
  • Turn on all lights
  • Open all window blinds and curtains